What Is Roadrunner Email Or TWC Email?

Roadrunner High-Speed Online is a brand owned by Time Warner Cable in 1995. It was an incredible internet service, which has its name coined on the famous cartoon show “The Roadrunner Show”. In 2012, Time Warner Cable (TWC) replaced the brand ‘Roadrunner’. In 2016, Roadrunner, which became TWC was further acquired by Charter Communications and was rebranded to Spectrum Internet. With this, Roadrunner, TWC and Charter Email fell under the same name, i.e., ‘Spectrum’.

How To Register For Roadrunner Email Account?

Roadrunner Email Login

New Roadrunner Email / TWC Webmail Mail login page, As it looks now.

Before you sign up for an email account, you must know that www.RR.com login and webmail.runner.com won’t work anymore. If you try to open these pages, then you will be redirected to a new webpage, so save your time by directly opening “https://www.spectrum.net/login”. Roadrunner or Spectrum email account is only available to Spectrum customers, so if you are already a user of Spectrum, then you must have a username and password. If you don’t have an account already, then go to https://www.spectrum.net/support/manage-account/creating-charter-username/. If you have a valid username and password, then go to ‘https://www.spectrum.net/login/’ page to sign in to your account.

Follow these steps to sign in:

  1. Once you enter the valid username and password, go to the ‘menu’ on the top left corner of the page.
  2. Now, go to ‘Manage Account’ followed by ‘Services’.
  3. You will see the ‘Internet’ option, so select that option followed by clicking ‘Create Email Address’.
  4. Finally, click ‘Mailbox’.

Now, you should re-enter the password for your email account to confirm the creation of your new mailbox.

How to login to My Roadrunner / TWC Email inbox?

Back in the day, you could easily login to Roadrunner/TWC email inbox by visiting webmail.roadrunner.com, mail.twc.com, www.RR.com, and myservices.brighthouse.com/login/, but now, these websites won’t work. You try to open any of these links, you will be directed to https://www.spectrum.net/login or https://wemail.spectrum.net/mail/auth/. But, this may not be the case always, especially when the address doesn’t have ‘https://’ at the beginning. Make sure you open ‘https://www.spectrum.net/login/’. Now, you will have to sign in to your account by entering your username and password and then, click the ‘Sign In’ button. You may also be asked to enter ‘Captcha’, so make sure to be very attentive while filling the captcha. Once filled, you need to hit the ‘Sign In’ button.

Roadrunner Webmail

The Roadrunner Webmail login page as it used to look. Nowadays, head over to https://webmail.spectrum.net/mail/auth to sign in to your Roadrunner Email account or Time Warner Cable email account.

How to recover forgotten Roadrunner / Time Warner Cable Email password?

In case, you have forgotten your Roadrunner webmail password, then you can reset your password. To do so, you need to go to the main login page and click the ‘Forgot Username or Password?’ option underneath the main login form. Or, you can directly go to ‘https://www.spectrum.net/forgot’. You will have to provide certain information to recover your password, such as your account number, ZIP code, and security code. You will have to choose from multiple options. Once all the information is entered, click ‘Next’ and follow on-screen instructions. As you regain access to your account, save your password to avoid the same from happening again.

How to resolve Roadrunner email login problems?

If you are facing issues while logging into your Roadrunner email account, check your internet connection. You can refresh the webpage or try opening another website. If there is no issue with the internet connection, then run through a few basic checks. Make sure that you are using the correct login page, which happens to be ‘https://www.spectrum.net/login/’ whereas the old addresses were RR.com login, webmail.runner.com and mail.twc.com won’t work.

Make sure to enter the login credentials in the right way. Certain characters are difficult to identify such, as ‘0’ and ‘O’, so be very careful while entering the username and password. If your password is case sensitive, then make sure to enter upper and lower case letters successfully.

If you have worked through all the aforementioned steps, then try to sign in via a different web browser or a device. In case, that is not possible, open the URL in the ‘incognito’ tab on your browser or clear cookies and cache before trying again.

If you are still facing the same problem, then disable all the plugins and add-ons on your web browser along with antivirus and/or anti-malware installed on your computer, as some of these apps may interfere with the login process or prohibiting CAPTCHA check from appearing.

How to setup Roadrunner / Spectrum Webmail For iOS device?

  1. To set up Roadrunner or Spectrum Webmail on your Apple iOS device, you need to go to ‘Settings’ and then Passwords & Accounts’.
  2. Now, you will have to choose ‘Add Account’ followed by ‘Other’ and finally, click ‘Add Mail Account’.
  3. Enter your name, email address, password along with a description of your email account.

Once all these details are entered, click ‘Next’ and then, enter the following settings:

  1. Username – Your Roadrunner email address.
  2. Password – Password for Roadrunner email account.
  3. SSL – Select ‘On’.
  4. Protocol – Select ‘IMAP’.
  5. Incoming Email Server – Enter ‘mobile.charter.net’.
  6. Port – 993.
  7. Outgoing Email Server – ‘mobile.charter.net’.
  8. Port – 587.
  9. Requires Authentication – Yes.

How to setup Roadrunner or Spectrum webmail on an Android device?

The process of setting up a Roadrunner or Spectrum email on Android is as easy as it is on iOS.

  1. On your Android device, open the ‘Email’ app.
  2. Now, go to ‘Settings’ followed by selecting ‘Add Account’.
  3. Choose ‘IMAP’ followed by entering your Roadrunner or Spectrum email address.
  4. Now, enter the following server settings:
    1. Username – Your full Roadrunner/Spectrum email address.
    2. Password – Password for your email address.
    3. SSL – On.
    4. Protocol – IMAP.
    5. Incoming Email Server – ‘mobile.charter.net’.
    6. Port – 993.
    7. Outgoing Email Server – ‘mobile.charter.net’.
    8. Port – 587.
    9. Requires Authentication – Yes.

How to setup Roadrunner or Spectrum webmail on Microsoft Outlook?

On most occasions, Roadrunner/Spectrum Webmail can be setup on MS Outlook automatically, but in case, that doesn’t happen for you, then you can try the following steps:

  1. Open ‘Outlook’ followed by selecting ‘File’.
  2. Now, go to ‘Info’, then ‘Account Settings’ and finally, ‘Account Settings’.
  3. Click the ‘Email’ tab and then, ‘New’.
  4. As you enter the ‘Email Account’ section, you will have to enter your name, email address, and password. Tick the box that says, ‘remember your password’.
  5. After entering this information, click ‘Next’ to initiate the automatic configuration. In case, the automatic configuration fails, make another attempt, but if the second attempt fails too, then you will have to manually configure the email.

Follow these steps to manually configure your Roadrunner email / Spectrum email on MS Outlook:

  1. Open MS Outlook and select ‘File’.
  2. Now, go to ‘Info’ followed by ‘Account Settings’ and then, ‘Account Settings’.
  3. Click the ‘Email’ tab, then ‘New’ and after that, select ‘Manual Setup’.
  4. Click ‘Next’ followed by selecting ‘IMAP’ and then, ‘Next’.

You will now have to enter the following details:

  1. User Information – your name and full email address.
  2. Server Information – Select IMAP.
  3. Incoming Mail Server – mobile.charter.net.
  4. Outgoing Mail Server – mobile.charter.net.
  5. Login Information – your full email address and password.
  6. Require logon by using Secure Password Authentication – Select ‘Yes’ or tick the box corresponding to the option.

Now, click ‘Test Account Settings’ followed by going through the instructions to finish the process. In case, you encounter any problem will setting up your Roadrunner/Spectrum email, problems in login or configuration, then just get in touch with experts for a quick and precise solution.

Contact and Support Information for Roadrunner Email Related Problems:

You will be able to fix most of Roadrunner email problems through the aforementioned steps, but in case, the problem is persistent, then it is better to get in touch with official support providers. You can reach out to Charter Spectrum helpline at 1.833.267.6094, which also provides support for Roadrunner email issues. Check out their contact details from the official website link, i.e., https://www.spectrum.net/contact-us/.

If the number is busy or unresponsive, then you can opt for online chat feature as well, which lets you connect with a virtual agent who will resolve all your queries in the most appropriate way. Just click the button that says ‘Chat With Us’ under the ‘Ask Spectrum’ heading and you will be able to launch the online chat.

Then, there is the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page that you can go to for finding the answers to your problems related to the Roadrunner email. Here is the link to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page https://www.spectrum.net/support/category/internet/.

If you are facing sign-in related problem, then you can check out this particular page, i.e., https://www.spectrum.net/support/manage-account/spectrumnet-sign-help/ before making a call.

You can also download the ‘My Spectrum’ app to receive help regarding any problem befalling the Roadrunner email. Go to this link https://www.spectrum.net/support/manage-account/my-spectrum-getting-started to get started with the Spectrum app.

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